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Xiaomi Mijia Projector Youth Edition

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Xiaomi Mijia Projector Youth Edition

337 € 380€ (-11%) |    ¡Gratis!

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● HDR 10 video decoding, higher and wider color gamut
● 1080P full HD restores the picture color
● Turn on the camera to autofocus
● Intelligent cooling system, silent fan control
● Dolby sound, acoustic expert tuning customization
● Large sound cavity, low-frequency dive to 90Hz
● 2.4G / 5G dual-band Wi-Fi, dual-channel viewing is not stuck
● Fully sealed optical system to prevent dust from entering and effectively extend the life of the optical machine
● RGB + BP four-channel optical, the brightness is increased by more than 20 percent compared with the three channels
● AI voice remote control, convenient operation
● 3D effects need to be achieved with DLP-LINK 3D glasses

System Parameters

● CPU: Amlogic T968-H
● ROM: Built-in 8GB eMMC high-speed flash
● Operating System: MIUI TV
● Language: Support Chinese, English

Note: The product defaults to Chinese, you can choose English option, the system operation language can be English, but some Chinese APP is still Chinese.